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Contra Costa County CWPP Update Planning Status DFSC, community members and agency partners have been working during 2014 to Update the Contra Costa County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.   The planning process consists of 8 steps as established in the Overview


1.-3.  Update Kickoff

Convene Decision-makers:  During this first phase we worked with local fire agencies and Cal Fire and developed an overview of the process. 
Involve Federal Agencies:  Federal Agencies partners will provide information and support throughout the process.

Engage Interested Parties: 
We will continue to engage interested parties. Won’t you join us as a partner?  For more information about attending a future stakeholders meeting email us at to be added to our mailing list. 
Steps 4. - 6.    Review Existing CWPP and Update Projects and Priorities

Our first working session focused on review of the existing Contra Costa County CWPP and updates from stakeholders about on-going project and priorities.

Review existing Community Base Maps:
  A few of the interesting maps we have gathered to date include:

(Please click on images to isolate maps)

1. Contra Costa County Supervisor Districts

2. East Bay Fire History

3. CAL FIRE Very High Fire Severity Zones for Contra Costa County

4. Wildfire Hazard Boundaries


5. Wildfire Protection
(Fire Agency Jurisdictions)

Community Risk Assessment: 
The first working session also included updates on risk assessments and a round table that discussed overall planning, participation and new partners, among other topics.  See Summary CoCoCoCWPP Mtg #1 for details.
Many of the communities in Contra Costa County have existing assessments that can be found on-line. For a list of existing resources see Contra Costa County Resources and References.

Projects and
Priorities: Stakeholders also provided updates on their fuel reduction projects and priorities.  New partners provided an overview of their wildfire hazard reduction projects and programs.  See Summary CoCoCoCWPP Mtg #1.
Step 7. Action Plan Update and Assessment Strategy
At our 2nd stakeholders meeting we identified common challenges and shared solutions to enable us to recognize where we might have shared priorities. Participants voted on top priorities and an action plan framework developed to provide more detailed implementation actions, timeframe and funding needs. For a summary of stakeholder input see Summary CoCoCoCWPP Mtg #2

A on-line community survey was also developed to increase the opportunities to help shape the Contra Costa CWPP County Update.  There is still time to add input.  Please share the survey flyer with your friends and neighbors.
At our 3rd stakeholder meeting we reviewed several new components of the CWPP Update. These included a GIS mapping framework and preliminary rubric for determining project specific regulatory requirement level of effort. 
The group also discussed project and program prioritization.  The plan update will also include an assessment strategy to be able to track success and realignments for relevance and effectiveness over long term.
A summary of stakeholder input from this meeting will be posted soon.
8.      Plan Update
The final stakeholder meeting for the Contra Costa County CWPP Update is planned for
July 29, 2014.  The draft plan will be circulated for review during August and September.
Ongoing update activities are planned for the future to maintain the Contra Costa County CWPP as a living document, guiding community wildfire prevention into the future.   For more information about these activities email us at to be added to our mailing list.