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Action Plan Planning Process

In 2016-2017 DFSC, community members and agency partners developed a CWPP Action Plan to make the El Cerrito-Kensington area more fire safe.
You can download the El Cerrito-Kensington Wildfire Action Plan to read its recommendations.

The planning process consisted of 4 steps.
Step 1: Project Kickoff. During the first step we worked with local fire departments, CAL FIRE, local government, agencies, as well as other groups, to identify additional stakeholders and interested parties. We reviewed existing wildfire assessments and community information to develop a community base map. We also gathered information for a pre-response plan and preliminary project ideas. Summaries of our meetings are provided here:
Summary Meeting 1
Summary Meeting 2
Summary Meeting 3
Summary Meeting 4

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Step 2:  Project Identification. The second step of the process identified both short and long-term projects.

Step 3:  Action Plan Development.  A key product of the planning process was an action plan identifying recommendations for additional projects or wildfire prevention programs.  Roles, responsibilities, funding needs and timetables were established for highest priority projects. An assessment strategy was developed to maintain effectiveness of the action plan over the longer term.

Step 4:  Finalize the Action Plan.  The final Action Plan is an appendix to the Contra Costa Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  It will be used to coordinate future projects and obtain additional grant funding.