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The Diablo Fire Safe Council Board of Directors is the governing board, responsible for creating the future of the fire safe council. The Board provides policy and leadership to the organization to ensure the Council fulfills its mission.


Interested in serving?

The Council encourages participation from individuals with expertise in a variety of fields. Governing the Board is a vital role. The Diablo Fire Safe Council actively recruits a pool of potential board candidates. If you’re interested, contact Cheryl Miller to attend a board meeting and see the board at work.

Board Member Duties

Attend board meetings six times a year and respond when needed to information developed at monthly meetings. Board members serve on committees and as an officer that meet as needed to fulfill program goals. Board members participate in any special events, respond to press questions/interviews as needed and are invited to visit local communities in their area. Board members should expect to spend 10-15 hours per month on Council business.

Board service is voluntary and the Council will work to cover travel expenses board members incur for board meetings, however, we cannot guarantee all expenses will be covered.

  • Guide and monitor the Fire Safe Council to ensure the Council’s responsibility to meet its mission.
  • Attend and participate in board meetings, special meetings and annual planning sessions to monitor and guide the Diablo Fire Safe Council’s progress in meeting its goals and fulfilling its mission
  • Actively contribute to defining program goals for the Council and help the Council meet those goals, especially by providing guidance/advice to committees and staff
  • Participate on at least one committee and attend meetings to monitor and guide the committee’s progress in meeting its goals
  • Participate in at least one special event each year to provide support and represent the Council
  • Prepare in advance to make educated decisions based on review of materials, discussions, etc. to monitor and guide the Diablo Fire Safe Council in fulfilling its mission
  • Avoid conflicts of interest when possible and disclose them when not possible
  • Act as an ambassador by representing the Diablo Fire Safe Council to its stakeholders and representing stakeholders to the Council
  • Act with prudence and ethics, putting the best interests of the organization before personal interests
  • Stay abreast of current issues that affect the Council’s ability to fulfill its mission; issues include those that arise in the board member’s area of expertise that the board member can alert the Council of and issues brought to the board member’s attention by members and staff
  • Participate in a self-evaluation of the board and evaluation of staff
  • Resign if unable to perform these duties

Hours required annually: 120-180 hours (10-15 hours per month), not including travel.